Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Megaupload was launching a record label?

     The Megaupload would be to prepare the creation of a record label of "do-it-yourself" where artists could share music and get paid directly. It's the latest rumor on the closure of the service Megaupload.

     The rumor is launched by SlashGear. According to this site there is evidence to suggest that the site was getting ready to have a nice dimension with the release of an update to the service Megabox.

The service was intended to be sort of a record company that would distribute and store music. The Megaupload promised to give 90% of the profit from selling directly to the content authors. It is also noted that those who make available content, of his own, for free would be rewarded with an even higher percentage.

This year the service would be launched and had some artists who were unhappy with the current publishers.

It is speculated that the major record companies have pressed the U.S. authorities to close the Megaupload because they would fear this new service.

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