Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Megaupload over? The Anonymous throw the Anonyupload

     The fight for the copyright on the Internet: a few days after the close of the Megaupload site, the hacker group Anonymous retaliated by launching the Anonyupload.

     It is a file upload service 100% anonymous - and therefore is called Anonyupload. In a counteroffensive against the latest advances of U.S. authorities, the Anonymous decided to promote the free sharing of files with the creation of a service whose servers are housed in Russia, reports El Pais.
Although confirmed the existence of the controversial service, the hacker group refuses to compromise with the quality and safety of Anonyupload.

Asked on Twitter, the group said that hackers do not know if the service is reliable and urges users to take questions through use.

In addition to putting servers outside the U.S., the Anonymous intend to obstruct the incursions of legal U.S. authorities with a service uploads that has a decentralized architecture and operates in FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Users who do not want to test the, the hacker group recommends the use of generic P2P sites.