Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paul Allen, founder of Microsoft, wants to take people into space in 2015 (video)

The new company already tried to order the production of a spacecraft composed oftwo modules: a record-size rocket, and a space capsule with a rocket booster that will disengage the carrier space so to get to space.

The spacecraft is being built by companies SpaceX and Scaled Compositeslocated in a large hangar in Mojave, California. According to New Scientist, the project brings together some established names in the aerospace industry (BurtRutan, who designed SpaceShipOne for Virgin Galactic and Mike Griffin, former head of NASA has joined the Stratolaunch Systems).

The first trip will take place in 2015 with a flight towards a low-altitude orbit whichshall not transport tourists, and which will be the first major test of the spacecraft.

    Only after confirming the reliability of the spacecraft should take place mannedflights with tourists.
The space capsule will be capable of carrying six tourists. Paul Allen admits that the vehicle can also be used to transport crew to the International Space Station, with lower costs than those currently expended by state space agencies.

Among the main attractions of Stratolaunch Systems solution designed especiallyfor the rocket that, contrary to what is usual, can be reused in various missions.Having the ability to fly more than 2100 kilometers before releasing the capsulecarrying this carrier with 116 meters of wings can be launched from any spaceportlocated on the globe.

In the video produced by Stratolaunch Systems can find out some information about the design space of Paul Allen.


  1. Wow, Sounds interesting.
    Lets just wait to see the price tag xD

  2. Count me out, I like it down here on earth too much! I would consider a sight seeing tour of the earths orbit though, I think that'd be awesome. +followed

  3. crazy. things of a real incredible nature seem to really be happening now. i tend to dismiss most advancements but this kind of sht is too much! ..if it happens.

  4. Wow man, I'de love to try something like that one day.

  5. I've read about this in the newspaper.. let's hope we're able to colonise one of the life-sustainable planets in like 100 years, because this one is ruined

  6. That's just awesome...

    btw, nice blog. +follow

  7. I am really looking forward to that. A giant leap in spaceflight history ;)