Monday, December 12, 2011

Bug in FIFA 12: Carrol and Fabianski kiss on the mouth

They toss in unexpected witticisms, facial expressions, and idiosyncratic actions--just for the sheer fun of it. But what could have been going on among EA's FIFA 12 development team to create the stunning action I have, well, embedded here?
For at the end of what seems to be entirely innocent sporting action, pony-tailed Andy Carroll of Liverpool and goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski of Arsenal collide and then start snogging.

Should you not be familiar with that term, it is the colloquial English for kissing. And what happens here seems beyond what normally happens on an English soccer field, if only slightly beyond.
European soccer players do offer each other fulsome affection after a goal has been scored. What is peculiar here, though, is that it is players of opposing teams who are making out.
Could this really be an innocent glitch? Is someone who is neither a fan of Arsenal nor Liverpool--or perhaps these two individual players--behind this spontaneous action? Or might someone outside of EA have merely created this animation in order to titillate the world?