Friday, December 16, 2011

Boston hospital sends patients home with robots

   The Children's Hospital Boston, USA, started to use robots for telepresencecompany to make children go home or stay in the infirmary recovering fromoperations.

Hospital de Boston manda doentes para casa com a companhia de robôs

    The initiative started with five robots manufactured by Vgo Communications with the aim of creating a new line of communication with patients, says Popular Science.
The robots, measuring about 137 cm, equipped with cameras, microphones, display, and a network of next generation mobile phones.

All these devices can be used by doctors and nurses to examine patients at a distance, through visuals and dialogue with patients. In this way, hospital officialsbelieve that they can avoid the hassles and costs arising from the movement ofpatients.

The mentors of the project believe that robots might receive the necessary equipment for the future, become able to do blood and urine collections.
During this first phase, five of telepresence robots will be used with a total of 40patients.