Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Sound of Football" technology to play football without seeing the ball

    A new technology allows you to use the sounds of a football field to guide visually impairedplayers and allow them to practice this sport.

The project called "Sound of football" is Pepsi and uses technology created by the company Tracab. This uses 16 cameras to cover the entire lawn where two teams, with different equipment, play the game.
The technology had been developed for the last Football World Cup and had the goal of determining the position of each player on the field at any time. The means for taking some statistical data.
Now, was placed an iPhone attached to the head of each player that, through an app created by the company Society 46, sends sounds that make for geotagging.

Each element has a distinct sound which allowed their identification. For example, the unique sound of the ball causes the player to pursue effectively.

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