Wednesday, October 26, 2011

He died the inventor of Artificial Intelligence.

In a message posted on Twitter, Stanford University confirmed the death 
of pioneering technologies have booked a place in history by creating the second-oldest programming languageHigh-level, which was named after Lisp, by derivation of the terms of LISTProcessing.

Its main characteristic is the use of s-expressions, Lisp turned out to be a pioneer in tree data structures or automatic storage
 management. Built in 1958 (one year after the Fortran), quickly became the preferred programming language in the field of artificial intelligence, whose concept debuted at the hand of John McCarthy in 1955.

In the days that followed, Lisp pioneered the multiple "dialects" that are still used in the technology world.

"The speed and memory capacity of today's computers may be insufficient to simulate many of the complex functions of the human brain, but the main difficulty is the lack of capacity of the machines, but our inability to be able to write programs that take advantage of what we are able to do, "John McCarthy wrote in an article in the 1950s, which was associated with the beginning of research into artificial intelligence.

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